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Since begining Teresa's class, I have noticed so many changes, not only in my muscle tone and strength, but also in my energy. Her bootcamp consists of attainable goals that I would have never pushed myself to achieve. During each class, I noticed I was able to do more and more so I left feeling like I was really accomplishing something! I would recommend this class to anyone that has a hard time motivating themselves, but would like begin living a healthier lifestyle!
-Stephanie Fancelli


I take the Wednesday night class. I highly enjoy the classes and how they always change up! And I really appreciate the extra help telling my husband how to keep is form. He has really ever worked out before.  He has been working out at home as well, and has been so happy with the changes in his body! I love being able to do more and push more every week. Thank you so much!  
- Leela


We all chipped in to hire Teresa for a 3-month corporate bootcamp in the parking lot outside our office. Everyone was able to work out at their own pace - yet with the push they needed from a personalized trainer to work harder and get in shape. One year later we are still doing our bootcamp twice a week - and I am in the best shape I've been in since having kids. I feel healthy, have more energy, and most importantly I can now fit into some of my old clothes!
- Krista, Sudden Impact Marketing










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