Hello, I’m Teresa Burkett

  After I had my third child, I became convinced that I would have to accept
  carrying 20 extra pounds forever. But when my daughter turned 3 years old, I
  went to a step aerobics class and I began to see and feel a change. I was
  hooked. I started feeling better about myself, I had more energy, and my old
  clothes started to fit me again.


  I can now say that fitness has been an important part of my life ever since!



The Model

I help women who want to work out for fitness – not just for thinness. Women who either can’t afford a gym or personal training, or women who don't want to commit to a long-term gym membership. And I identify with women 40 and over. I am a certified instructor, with NETA-CGEI certification.


How I Got Started

At the age of 49, I earned my Personal Training certification and began helping women get into shape. After gaining knowledge and experience as a personal trainer, I decided to create a work out environment that accommodate women 40 and over.

The Name

I think the HomeBodies name says it all. I cater to women and help them take care of their bodies. In their own homes. I believe our commitment to fitness – and to ourselves – is critically important. For nearly two years I have focused on the fitness goals of women who want to make fitness a priority.

The Importance of Family

To care for others, we must care for ourselves. My own family is made up of 5 wonderful children–and now 9 grandchildren. My husband is my workout partner as well as my best friend. We are all committed to fitness and that helps keep our family strong. I can help you do the same.


I hope you will join me us in getting fit for life.


Teresa Burkett, NETA-CGEI









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